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The Flying Dutchman's 'Elitist Club' is a community of gamers that love to share their passion (and point of view) for games and other challenges.

"Elitist Club" cares all about entertainment in a personal way. A view from a very personal perspective is one of the things that separates the 'Elitist Club' from other gamers and live streams.

We, the 'Elitist Club', are not only playing games, but are also trying to connect to the world of (online) Poker with other gamers and the support of Marcel Luske (The Flying Dutchman) to share the enjoyment of playing in the most valuable way.

Entertainment and a close (personal) connection with the viewers is the most important aspect of the 'Elitist Club'.

The 'Elitist Club' has just begun and is about to grow and expand into a very large community..

Are you with us?

(Practice to be King)

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